The Best 10 Free Web Tools for Education

The Best 10 Free Web Tools for Education (in my opinion)

Google Apps for Education includes dozens of critical security features specifically designed to keep your data safe, secure and in your control. Your data belongs to you, and Apps tools enable you to control it, including who you share it with and how you share it. Our data center network provides exceptional security and guarantees* reliable access to your data, 24x7x365.25 (that’s right: no rest, even on leap years).

EDpuzzle empowers teachers to make any video your lesson. Crop a video, explain it with your own voice and embed quizzes at any time. It is a great tool for teachers that want to flip their classroom or just use videos in a blended learning environment. EDpuzzle enables teachers to turn the video into a personal and interactive experience. We recommend trying to have students make their own movie trailers for a particular topic or project they’re working on. How fun is that?!

Worth trying out even if you’re not using the Common Core in the US. The questions are relevant and can be good for anyone looking for some brain training!

This is a great tool for paperless classrooms, where students can share their work with their teachers or peer collaborators. Use it to synchronize your lesson plans and other documents that you work on both at home and at school. It is also a great BYOD tool since it is available on a wide variety of devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle).

Prezi is an amazing presentation tool. Zooming as opposed to simply clicking to the next slide is a neat way to keep students engaged in a lecture topic.

Users create ‘Popplets’ on a boardm and these can be filled with almost any kind of media – words, videos, pictures, drawings … They can then be connected to other Popplets to create a mind-map and edited by a number of users concurrently and shared, by link/email.

The teacher has to pre-create their content on Nearpods cloud system, after this prerequisite they start a class and the students join via the internet using the nearpod app on their devices and key in a pin number supplied by the teacher.

It’s a bookmarking tool to make sure you can organise your digital resources in the best way possible, while getting suggestions from others as to new tools you can use. It works best with scale – the more teachers in there adding suggestions, the better, and not sure its there yet, but worth a poke around.

Edmodo: Why 31 Million Users Love It
Use Edmodo to streamline your workflow, get assignments actually turned in on time, and even flip your classroom. You should also integrate some of the apps that Edmodo now offers as part of the package.

DebateGraph is being used in the classroom to help students of all ages learn and reason, individually and collaboratively, about topics across the curriculum. Students can create maps live in the classroom and/or build and visualise their growing understanding of topics across a term. The content of the maps can be also be presented automatically in the form of a linear written essays, papers or reports.