English Grammar Exercises Mix

Irregular Verbs:
Present Simple Form (with the verb 'be'):
Present Simple Form (with all verbs except 'be'):
Present Continuous Form:
Present Simple or Present Continuous?
Present Perfect Simple Form:
Past Simple or Present Perfect?
Present Perfect Continuous Form:
Present Perfect Simple or Continuous?
Past Simple Form (with the verb 'be'):
Past Simple Form (with all verbs except 'be'):
Past Continuous Form:
Past Simple or Past Continuous?
Past Perfect Simple Form:
Past Perfect or Past Simple?
Past Perfect Continuous Form:
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Future Simple Form:
Future Simple or Present Simple?
Future Continuous (or Future Progressive) Form:
Future Perfect Simple Form:
Reported Speech:
The Passive:
Relative Clauses:
Modal Verbs
Gerunds and Infinitives:
Let and Make:
Make and Do:
Used to Do, Would Do, and Be Used to Doing:

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